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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Writer Wednesday: Interview with A.B. Shepherd - Lifeboat

Welcome Lovelies!

This week for Writer Wednesday I interviewed my dear friend A.B. Shepherd. Her latest novel Lifeboat is a Sci-Fi mystery that I'll be reviewing next week!

Q. Your upcoming book Lifeboat will be released on the 1st of May this year, tell us a little about your thoughts while writing the book.
A. Lifeboat is not the book I sat down to write. I thought I was writing a book about a woman who becomes a UFO Hunter and has lots of UFO related adventures, sort of inspired by the TV series UFO Chasers. Once I started writing Cass, though, that was not her story. She took over the book. Lifeboat is the story of her life, her experiences, and she felt it needed to be told.

Q. Your main character Cass goes through a lot in her life, what do you like most about her?
A. That is what I like most about her. She's damaged by what life has done to her, yet in spite of her wishes otherwise, she has survived. She's found a new focus, even though it is an obsessive one. And yet, in spite of everything, Cass still loves and she does it with her whole heart and soul. But don't mistake me. This is no romance novel.

Q. What is your favourite part of Lifeboat?
A. The ending. I don't want to give it away so I won't go into much more, but the ending takes my breath away and leaves me reeling. I hope it does the same for everyone who reads this book.

Q. As an author publishing your first book, how does it feel knowing that in a matter of months your books will be out there for the world?
A. Exciting. Validating. Scary as hell. I want to be like Sally Field at the Oscars saying, "You like me. You really like me." I hope that people really do enjoy Lifeboat, and by extension, like me.

Q. What was the hardest part about writing Lifeboat?
A. Letting Cass take over. Like I said earlier, I had sat down to write one book and wound up with another. When the book veered away so early on from the plot I had outlined, I had to trust that she knew where she was going. As a person with control issues, it was really hard for me to give her the reins.

Q. Are you planning another book?
A. Absolutely. I have a work in progress that I am calling The Beacon. An excerpt can be found at the end of Lifeboat for readers who want a little preview. I also have an idea for a book that came from a recent dream. It just might wind up as book three.

Q. What do you want most from this experience?
A. Believe it or not, it is not fame or fortune. I don't expect Lifeboat to make me rich, or even provide a living. I just want people to read my book, and to enjoy it enough to want more. 

Q. Anything else you feel like adding for the readers? 
A. Reader feedback is something I really want to hear. Love Lifeboat? Tell me what you liked, your favourite bits. Hate it? Tell me why. Leave a review. Tweet me. Email me. I really want to know what you think of it.

You can find A.B. Shepherd at www.abshepherd.net
Check out the trailer for Lifeboat HERE

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Katie Hayoz said...

Great interview. This makes me want to read the book!

Ab Shepherd said...

Rhiannon I love you. Thank you for interviewing me and sharing my thoughts and Lifeboat with your readers. You rock!

Rhiannon Douglas said...

I recommend it! Lifeboat is out May 1st.

Your interview will be up next week, so beware! :P

Rhiannon Douglas said...

It was a pleasure!

My Quick Review of Lifeboat is up on the blog today :)

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