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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Writer Wednesday: Quick Review: Lifeboat by A. B. Shepherd

Cass Carmichael has lost everything; her husband, her son, and her will to live. 
When natural disasters destroy the earth she is rescued by extra-terrestrials, and taken to a new world where the human race can rebuild. But something is wrong  here. Survivors are vanishing without a trace.
Can Cass unravel the riddle in time to save herself?

Lifeboat by A. B. Shepherd Available May 1st 2013 on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com


When I opened the advance review copy, I had this idea in my mind of Sci-Fi that we all tend to have. You feel like you know what will happen, how it all ends. We all know what people will write if it's about aliens and spaceships.

Not so with Lifeboat.

This was another "read in one go" book for me. I began and didn't want to stop. Cass is so easy to relate to, even if you aren't of the "aliens visit us" mindset. She is a normal woman, with a tragic past, who just happens to have seen a UFO. She reacts in the way anyone would, wanting to know if what she saw was real and wondering if some of the "UFO nuts" out there aren't so crazy.

Ok, so some of them are.

The progression through the book, Cass's history and abduction are all interwoven nicely making it an easy read. Twists and turns pull you forward, leading to the sort of situation in which it's 4am and you should have gone to sleep hours ago.

Turning that last page, bug-eyed and wide-awake again, it definitely worth it.



Ab Shepherd said...

Thank you Rhiannon. You just made me incredibly happy!

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